Video: Gentrification Explained

“Gentrification Explained” is a short video that unpacks what gentrification really means, getting beyond the buzzword.  It was produced through the collaboration of the San Francisco Federal Reserve Bank, the Urban Displacement Project at UC-Berkeley, and The San Francisco Foundation’s Great Communities Collaborative.

Gentrification is complex. To understand it, there are three key things to consider:

  1. The historic conditions, especially policies and practices that made communities susceptible to gentrification.
  2. The way that central city disinvestment and investment patterns are taking place today as a result of these conditions.
  3. And the ways that gentrification impacts communities.

In addition to this video, learn more through the accompanying accompanying resources page.

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    Great communities collaborative

    Great Communities Collaborative (GCC) is a network of organizations dedicated to creating healthy, thriving, and affordable neighborhoods in the Bay Area, anchored by transit and linked to all the opportunities and amenities that make a good community truly great.

    Great Communities Collaborative is an initiative of The San Francisco Foundation.