Getting sustainable and equitable development projects off the ground involves complex planning and large-scale coordination and financing. Following the economic downturn and the dissolution of California’s Redevelopment Agencies, the kind of patient capital needed for development is harder to access. Great Communities Collaborative catalyzes financial solutions to see projects through to the finish line, with the ultimate goal of building economically and racially diverse, mixed-use, thriving communities near transit.


Untapped Resources, Potential Bay Area Sites for Affordable Transit-Oriented Development

NPH and Seifel Consulting Inc. developed this report to identify former redevelopment properties as potential resources for the development of affordable transit-oriented development (TOD). The report includes maps prepared based on information presented in Long Range Property Management Plans (LRPMPs) for each community evaluated in this study. Visit the NPH website and download the report for more.

The Bay Area Transit Oriented Affordable Housing Fund

Recognizing the need for a financing mechanism for bricks and mortar projects, GCC began conceptualizing the Bay Area Transit Oriented Affordable Housing Fund (TOAH) in 2007 and launched the fund in 2011. TOAH is a $50 million public-private financing resource that provides up-front funding for the development of affordable housing and other community services near transit lines throughout the nine-county San Francisco Bay Area. The TOAH Fund was made possible through $10 million in seed capital from the Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC), and in 2012, MTC furthered its support of TOAH with an additional $10 million. The Fund is managed by Low Income Investment Fund.

See this report for more information on the formation of the fund.