A Great Community is Affordable

GCC forges financial solutions so

good ideas get off the ground.

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A Great Community is Healthy

GCC partners fought for a design that promotes

a healthy lifestyle for Pittsburg residents.

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A Great Community is Thriving

GCC partners are working to preserve income

and racial diversity in Silicon Valley.

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A Great Community is Connected

GCC's research is driving transit access that allows

workers to connect to all the Bay Area's opportunities.

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Regional Strategies

Creating a more sustainable Bay Area.

Local Efforts

Mobilizing stakeholders to build complete communities.

Financing Solutions

Moving projects from policy to pavement.


#4SouthCity and coalition member highlight downtown rents mapping.

Youth, community organizations, and housing coalitions come together to fight displacement in South San Francisco

News, March 4, 2015

By Clarrissa Cabansagan, TransForm South San Francisco—known by locals as South City—has always housed a predominantly working class community. Its identity as an industrial city is rooted in historical ties to labor unions, even as it has evolved into a bedroom town for other regional job centers. Today, South City residents hold fewer than 10% […..]

VTA  by David Wilson

VTA Surplus Land: Joint Development Policy

News, February 2, 2015

By Zoe Mullendore, Silicon Valley Leadership Group There is an intrinsic nexus between housing and transportation since people choose transit options based on where they live. Creating sustainable options to get people from point A to point B requires smart planning from both housing and transit perspectives. Therefore, it’s time for transportation agencies to embrace […..]

Great communities collaborative

Great Communities Collaborative (GCC) is a network of organizations dedicated to creating healthy, thriving, and affordable neighborhoods in the Bay Area, anchored by transit and linked to all the opportunities and amenities that make a good community truly great.

Great Communities Collaborative is an initiative of The San Francisco Foundation.