A Great Community is Affordable

GCC forges financial solutions so

good ideas get off the ground.

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A Great Community is Healthy

GCC partners fought for a design that promotes

a healthy lifestyle for Pittsburg residents.

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A Great Community is Thriving

GCC partners are working to preserve income

and racial diversity in Silicon Valley.

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A Great Community is Connected

GCC's research is driving transit access that allows

workers to connect to all the Bay Area's opportunities.

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Regional Strategies

Creating a more sustainable Bay Area.

Local Efforts

Mobilizing stakeholders to build complete communities.

Financing Solutions

Moving projects from policy to pavement.


VTA JD opps

Santa Clara County Transit Agency Adopts Affordable Housing Policy

News, May 13, 2016

Written by: Chris O’Connor, Silicon Valley Leadership Group and Charisse Ma Lebron, Working Partnerships USA On April 7, 2016, the Valley Transportation Authority (VTA) Board of Directors unanimously adopted a strong affordable housing policy. Components include a 35% system-wide affordability target, annual accountability reporting, and tangible incentives to ensure affordable housing is actually built. This win […..]


Who will our future Oakland be for?

News, December 28, 2015

By Anthony Federico, Associate Director of East Bay Housing Organizations In September, Uber announced its purchase of the Sear’s building in downtown Oakland, and in an instant, the story of Oakland changed. A global tech giant filling 330,000 square feet of iconic downtown Oakland office space with 3,000 employees sends a clear message: Oakland is […..]

Great communities collaborative

Great Communities Collaborative (GCC) is a network of organizations dedicated to creating healthy, thriving, and affordable neighborhoods in the Bay Area, anchored by transit and linked to all the opportunities and amenities that make a good community truly great.

Great Communities Collaborative is an initiative of The San Francisco Foundation.